K-Beauty by Amanda

K-Beauty by Amanda


You Just Got Your


Korean Beauty Ritual!

Welcome! I’m thrilled you’re here! Below you will find the information you need to UNBOX and start your daily Korean Beauty Ritual! 

IF YOU DON’T HAVE A LOT OF TIME for the details, tips, and insights included in the first video, skip down to the shorter video #2. You can go back and watch the first video later when you have time to soak in all the tricks and specifics about each product. 

I also included 6 MORE BONUS SAMPLES from our Skincare, Body, Hair, and Nutrition lines so you can explore more of what Riman has to offer (See the Bonus Samples video #3 below for all the details). 

If you have SENSITIVE SKIN be sure to watch video #4 before trying the products so you know the adjusted protocol you’ll need to follow in the beginning as your skin is healing.  

And then be sure to visit the links and watch the 2 videos at the BOTTOM OF THE PAGE to see our state-of-the-art production facility and labs, and also to hear more about our unique, high-margin, wholesale distributer BUSINESS model. 

If you have any questions or need help with ordering, my personal information is on the business card included in your kit. 

Unboxing Your K-Beauty Ritual.

Unboxing - *Short* Version.

How to Use the Bonus Samples.

Tips for Sensitive Skin.

Want FREE Korean Beauty? 
Here’s how you can earn tickets in the JUNE drawing for a $300 Riman $HOPPING $PREE!👇

  • 1 ticket for EVERY friend you invite to my clean living group on Facebook that joins.
  • 5 tickets when you purchase the full-size Riman Ritual skincare set or ANY combo of Riman products totalling 275 or more (shipping is free) BEFORE THE END OF JUNE. —>Please send me a screenshot of your order confirmation to be entered. 
  • 10 tickets when you join my National team and start sharing this #1, multi-BILLION-dollar brand with your friends, family and communities. $20 to join and start getting 10% back on all your sales and purchases. 
  • If my group grows to over 500 before the end of June, I will do a SECOND $300 DRAWING!! 🤯

The Magic Behind Riman Products.

Products and Business Overview

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